What is all this?

Let me tell you.

Randola was created to help out a couple of scientist friends (including my sister, Cathy Stinear) with the way they allocate their subjects to groups in experiments.

It's designed to provide a very simple way for investigators to allocate subjects to experiment groups, while balancing the overall average of the subject's traits between the groups. It does this by simulating adding a new subject to each possible group, then figuring out which group is the most ideal for balancing the overall variance between the groups. It then 'loads the dice' in favour of that group, providing a greater possibility that the subject will be allocated to that group, thus retaining an element of chance.

It's a fairly basic application - it's aim is to be helpful without being complicated to use. If you find that it's not doing what you want it to do, or you're having problems using it, feel free to contact me using this form. I'd love to hear your feedback.

Richard Stinear